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Encore Rouge is your premium gourmet food truck! We have been operating around the greater Birmingham, AL area since 2017. Our menu consists of pastas, burgers, wings, and fries. Have you gotten your Encore Rouge fix for the day?

1116 5th Ave. N Bham, AL 35203

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Roaming Hunger - Encore Rouge Review

“Encoure Rouge is taking street food to a whole new level of delicious. That level? Gourmet, artisan style eats on the streets. Because while the food truck scene in Birmingham is alive and thriving, Encore Rouge comes back time and time again with food that redefines the very definition of delicious and blows the competition out of the water. Guess that's why they're always getting an encore.

At Encore Rouge, you'll find their specialty lies in Southern cuisine that tackles hunger and satisfies the palate all in one fell swoop. Here, you're being treated to bowls full of pasta, big ol' burgers, and tender crisp chicken wings that have one thing in common: a whole lotta Cajun spice in the mix. Choose pasta, and you're getting the creamy taste of alfredo with spices to kick it up a notch. Or maybe you're looking for some bombin' Bayou flavor. In that case, Encore Rouge has a bayou burger topped with tender shrimp morsels, sauteed and finished with their famous spinach dip. Honestly, if that's not enough to get your mouth watering, we don't know what will. What we do know is this: all of this deliciousness is available to you in a food truck roaming in Birmingham. So now that you know where it is, you really have no excuse not to visit. Trust us. It's a foodie encore you won't want to miss.”

-article via Roaming Hunger

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